Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Law of Giving

The Law of Giving says “The Giver becomes the Receiver becomes the Giver becomes the Receiver...” in a never-ending bountiful flow.

That’s pretty straightforward. Yet even when we generally understand the reciprocal nature of the flow, it is crucial to seek crystal clear clarity regarding the underlying principles that can either magnify or diminish the results we get. They are the gateway to greater awareness of how the Law works and how we can harness its power with good for all involved.

For starters, the Law says the Giver becomes the Receiver. It doesn’t say the Receiver gets to Give, and that sequence is vitally important. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, firmly believed that mindful giving was the missing ingredient in most people’s lives. In fact, two of the three steps in his Keys to Success involve giving. Hill taught:

Step 1 – Know exactly what you want. Most people get stuck right here because they are vague about what they want. Any success coach will tell you that most people describe what they want in fuzzy terms such as improved health, more money, or better relationships without ever defining what that means to them. Their clients often fall back on the old “I’ll know it when I see it” defense, but the evidence says they won’t.

Step 2 – Decide exactly what you are willing to give in order to receive what you want. If you want excellent health, you must first give your body good food plus enough sleep and exercise. If you want more money, you must first give something people need or want. If you want loving relationships, you must first give The Golden Rule. Are you willing to do those things? In each case, decide exactly what you are willing to give, making sure that it has true value, of course.

Step 3 – Give first. Start giving right now in pure gratitude with no strings attached. Give thanks that you can give, no matter how “large” or “small” it may seem to be. You must get the cycle started by giving first. If you wait for someone else to go first, you could be waiting a really long time – and won’t know what to do with it when it happens.

I would add a 4th step to what Hill taught.

Step 4 - Practice the Art of Allowing. Remember that the Law of Giving represents a cycle. If the Giver cannot Receive, the cycle will be broken. Some of the best Givers I’ve ever met really struggle with allowing themselves to receive. They get amazingly creative in (subconsciously) blocking their receiving, and that of course kills the cycle. So they end up giving till it hurts or insisting that the Law is flawed instead of opening the flow.

Hill’s Keys to Success are really just another way of expressing the very potent Seed Money Principle which is fundamental to the Law of Giving. The Seed Money Principle states that “Everything we give in pure gratitude with no strings attached will come back to us tenfold.” In other words, we seed our own receiving by giving. As soon as you give, claim your tenfold return making sure that you are doing so in pure gratitude with no strings attached. Using a mantra such as “I am grateful for receiving my tenfold return which has provided good to all involved” will energize your tenfold return and help you practice the Art of Allowing, opening yourself to receive.

And as soon as you receive, give again. Allow receiving that tenfold return to lead straight into the Tithing Principle which teaches us to give back ten percent of everything we receive. And we’ve already learned that everything we give comes back tenfold. See how the cycle is working? It really is just that simple.

Your money, time, and talent MUST be in motion for them to help you, and the ONLY way to put them in motion so they will multiply is to give. If you hide your treasures in the proverbial mattress in a misguided attempt to protect them, they will only suffocate and die, leaving you even worse off. Treasure is only good for you, and others, when it is serving in some way.

The lessons of the Law of Giving are clear and universal. Whether we are speaking of basic science (If you want a different response, you must first give a different stimulus), or friendship (If you want to have a friend, you must first be a friend), or wealth (If you want to earn more, you must first invest), The Law of Giving is a Master Key. It precedes the Law of Attraction (What you give your attention to is what you receive) and is the power behind the Law of Love (Always treat others with the same love and kindness you would like to receive from them). In fact, it is the foundation for all natural laws (What you give is what you get!).

Happy Giving!

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